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Mission Sustainability

For our sustainability mission, we strive to reduce our negative impacts and
enhance positive results, which are validated through certifications, be it for
material sourcing or manufacturing.


Sustainability often is understood in many ways, however, for us, it comes through a rigorous internal process that incorporates every strand of 
sustainability that is applicable to the textile industry. This means being energy
efficient and opting for renewable energy to fast-track movement towards
carbon neutrality; use of non-toxic chemicals to safeguard the health of
employees, customers, and our planet.

We are certified by GOTS (organic, non-toxic, zero discharge), WRAP (fair wages
and good working conditions) Confidence in Textiles (Tested for harmful
substances), and Global Recycled Standard.

Our Sustainable Journey


Sustainability Projects

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CSR initiatives

NC John has been at the forefront when it comes to Corporate Social
Responsibilities. Our initiatives include supporting a greener environment
through the planting of trees, and contributions to our society during calamities like
the Kerala floods and the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been closely working
with voluntary organizations helping the needy and supporting the immediate
needs of the government during these difficult times. We are committed to the 
environment covering all areas of our operations.

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