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Benefits of Natural Dyeing

  • Most Natural dyes are made from medicinal plants.

  • They intrinsically show high levels of anti-microbial activity.

  • Garments made from natural dyes cause very less or no skin irritation.

  • They prevent body odor since they prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.

  • Garments also provide a relaxed and comfortable feel which helps in better sleep.


Natural Herbs.jpg
  • Natural dyes are made from naturally occurring natural materials.

  • Natural dyes are non-toxic and non-hazardous.

  • They leave no residue in the environment during the full life cycle of the product.

  • This means there is no impact during the dyeing process, during the usage, and at the end of the life of the product.

  • No pollution to any water bodies due to the compostable nature of natural dyes.

Benefits to the environment

  • Natural dyes have many economic benefits, some of which we have mentioned below.

  • Firstly many farmers can have an additional source of income by growing natural dye plants.

  • Many tribal societies can benefit from some of the natural dyes that are harvested

  • from forests as minor forest produce.

  • Ability to create a new source of income for everyone involved without the destruction of natural resources.

Economic Benefits


Chemical Color Systems

  • Currently, Chemical colors are made in large Industrial factories using high amounts of conventional power. This leads to a very high carbon footprint.

  • Chemical color manufacturing and dyeing use large amounts of freshwater that cannot have second use water towards agriculture or irrigation.

  • The usage of chemical colors creates environmental degradation of water and land contributing to the severity of climate change.

  • If we do not prevent the climate crisis from happening then we need to face the humanitarian crisis that will follow.


Natural Dyes

  • The beauty of natural dyes is it requires no power to produce. The air, water, earth and the sun produce it for us.

  • Most of the natural dyes are harvested from trees, Shrubs and plants. With the increase in the adoption of naturally dyed products, we will need to grow more of the dye yielding trees and plants. So this will increase green cover thereby absorbing more carbon back from the atmosphere and having a carbon negative impact.

  • In the usage of natural dyes, there is no impact on the land and water. Here we have an important ability to reuse the extremely important natural resource of fresh water. The water after dyeing can go through a simple treatment process and can be reused for agriculture or used to create forest cover, regenerate degraded forest lands. This will increase green cover thereby helping to fix more carbon back in the trees.

  • We all know reducing the impact on the environment will help to avert a major climate crisis and avoid a humanitarian crisis.

Natural Dye Ingredients

Natural Dye Services

natural dyed1.jpg

Natural Dye-Based Garment Dyeing

  • Garment dyeing is one of our most sort after services.                                                   

  • Garment dyeing provides us with the flexibility most customers need.                          

  • We can dye Knits, Woven, Home textiles, Sarees, Scarfs, and all other textile accessories.                                                                                                                                            

  • We can dye different natural materials like cotton, silk, wool, hemp, leather, and other cellulose products.                                                                                                             

  • We can cater from Small designer customers to very large customers.                   

  • The current capacity is 1800 Kgs per month.

Fabric Dyeing

  • We dye various woven fabrics in continuous form.                                                 

  • For knits, we can currently dye only in panels.                                                             

  • We can do various volumes, based on the customer needs.                                   

  • Here again, we can dye various natural materials and cellulose materials.    

  • The current capacity is about 2700 Mts per month.


Natural Dyed Melange Yarns

  • Our natural dyed melange yarns are made with 100% organic cotton.                   

  • We do offer other natural or cellulose fiber blends if needed.                                    

  • With the melange yarns, we can achieve high volumes with natural dyes.           

  • Melange yarn provides the customer with great flexibility and a wide range of yarn counts, from OE count to 40's ring spun.                                                                  

  • With our melange yarns, we can achieve uniform shade across the lot.                     

  • The current capacity is about 7000Kgs per month.

Natural Dye Solid Colors

Solid 1.jpg
Solid 2.jpg
Solid 3.jpg

Natural Dye Melange Colors

Melange 1.jpg
melange 2.jpg
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